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November 2015                              

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~ Independent-minded city commissioner focused on economic

sustainability and neighborhood issues ~


Lake Worth, FL – Lake Worth City Commissioner Scott Maxwell officially announced he has filed for re-election, and is beginning his grassroots-focused campaign. Maxwell, known as an independent voice on the city commission, is seeking his 5th term overall.

“We have Lake Worth moving again with progressive policy decisions, new fiscal responsibility to stabilize property taxes, and new investment in our community that is creating new local jobs and opportunity,” said Maxwell. “I am standing up with those who believe in a better Lake Worth, because we just cannot go back to the times not so long ago when taxes and utilities skyrocketed, city hall was a mess, and local economic investment was at a standstill because of politics.”

Maxwell’s priorities are responsible, balanced budgeting, safer neighborhoods, and aggressive approach to create economic opportunity and investment in our town to create new jobs, lower taxes, and ensure a more sustainable, prosperous future for all Lake Worth residents. His grassroots-focused campaign will be policy based, with all neighborhoods included.

“We are not immune to continuing economic challenges that all small towns face, but unlike other cities, we have made the tough choices,” continued Maxwell. “Working together, we negotiated substantial  cost savings with the sheriff’s department while improving our public safety, we are encouraging responsible adaptive reuse in our charming downtown, and using smart planning to reduce east-west traffic.”

Maxwell is also an active advocate for better local schools for Lake Worth’s families. He has partnered with Lake Worth resident and new School Board member Erica Whitfield to encourage innovative educational opportunities for our children that are vital for their future and for our community’s economic sustainability.

For more specific information related to Scott Maxwell’s campaign, please visit

Election Day is March 15, 2016. If you would like to learn more about the election process, or request an absentee ballot, please visit


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